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Yoga Courses

3 Day beginners online course

€120 (1 to 1 price)

Within this 3 day online course (including 9 hours of tuition) I will guide you through the basics of yoga from the comfort of your own home so you can feel confident to practice in a safe way.

Everyone’s telling you you should try yoga but coming to a yoga class for the first time can feel really daunting. The most common fears I hear are ‘I’m not flexible enough!’, ‘I’m not very good at it’ and ‘I can’t even touch my toes!’. Body type, age, injury and perceived fitness level are also other factors that put people off. The truth is yoga is really for everyBODY, it’s just knowing what works for your body and finding your flow. It’s scary I know but everyone has to start somewhere!

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I really advocate the use of props in your yoga practice, especially as a beginner. So you will receive 2 yoga blocks from yoga matters with the purchase of this course as a welcome gift. Delivery will be sent to the address you leave when purchasing within 3 to 5 days. UK & Spain

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Yoga blocks

Who is this course for?

  • Absolute beginners to yoga

  • Those who have attended some classes but are wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga and review the foundational poses of vinyasa flow yoga

What will I learn?

  • An overview of the origins of Yoga and philosophy- where it all came from and different yoga styles

  • The benefits of yoga 

  • Yoga breath and an introduction to meditation

  • The most common foundational postures taught in a vinyasa yoga class

  • The use of props and how to apply them to your practice

  • Verbal adjustments and advice on how to modify poses for your body in a safe way

  • We will flow through a 60min full class so will feel confident to attend group classes or integrate your own home practice

What will I need?

  • A Yoga mat

  • Two blocks (your complimentary gift with this booking)

  • A cushion

  • A strap or belt

Course Timetable

This course runs over 3 days (9 hours in total) but will be split into bite sized evening and morning sessions so you can fit in and around your life and other commitments. This course typically runs Friday - Sunday however please get in touch to discuss your requirements and availability.


Day 1 6pm - 9pm CET/GMT +1

Day 2 10am - 1pm CET/GMT +1

Day 3 10am - 1pm CET/GMT +1

This course is designed as a 1 to 1 however if you are a group of friends or colleagues please get in touch for pricing.


Personalised Yoga Nidra


Do you find it hard to really switch off? Feel anxious? Have trouble sleeping? Or feel like there’s something that’s stopping you from moving forward in your life?


Yoga nidra is a guided relaxation that unwinds the nervous system and induces complete physical and mental relaxation. In this deep restful state you are able to tap into your subconscious without the noise of every day life. 

A regular yoga nidra practice can really take you deeper and explore the unconscious and subconscious patterns that can form our habitual ways of thinking and doing. By taking this deep self enquiry we can start to rewire those patterns and bring about healing and change.

I offer a custom Yoga Nidra session starting off with a consultation to discuss what’s going on for you and what you would like to work on. I then go away and develop your personalised nidra session which would be followed up by a live private online session and an audio recording for you to take away.

  • Private consultation 30mins

  • Personalised Yoga nidra private online session 45mins (including 15 mins of gentle stretching and 30 mins nidra)

  • Custom Yoga nidra audio recording link 30mins 

  • Follow up session (after 1 month) 30mins

What is included:

Please contact me for book in a suitable time for you and to discuss any specific requirements.

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