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Corporate Yoga


Tight shoulders, stiff neck, feeling frazzled and realising you’ve not moved from your desk for hours? We’ve all been there!

​After a decade working in the corporate world as an event producer in London, pulling long shifts in various hot desks I really do understand first hand the importance of staying healthy, keeping connected to the body and a taking a mental break. I’m here to share what I know.

Bring Yoga to your workforce!

With modern day living can come exhaustion, stress and anxiety . With the work environment being the place we spend most of our waking hours, making sure our physical and mental needs are met in this space is key to a healthy and happy life.

Why Yoga?

Yoga is not just about the poses. You don't need to be flexible or be able to balance on your head, just curious!  Yoga is a union of mind and body using poses but also breath work, meditation, a gateway to more conscious and ethical ways of living and being. Yoga in the workplace can really help your team to:


  • Relieve stress, anxiety and burnout

  • Refocus and recharge energy

  • Feel valued, supported and connected 


As a teacher I offer fun and engaging classes supplying my students with the tools they need to practice a more mindful way of living, in work and out of work. I use a mixture of physical poses, meditation and breath work in a creative way, tailoring to your wellness programme or event. Here are some different ways I can help:

Internal Wellbeing

Running a wellbeing programme and looking for ideas? Regular yoga sessions can create meaningful change for your people and therefore your business. As an employee you feel valued too.

I provide virtual and in person:


  • live desk yoga

  • live mat yoga

  • yoga for wellness days

  • live workshops

Within my classes I work gently on the areas of the body impacted by long days of desk sitting such as the back, neck and shoulders. We also practice meditation and breath work to help settle our minds and release tension. The yoga is for everybody including beginners and can be done with minimal props. Get in touch to find out more and for prices!


The feedback from employees has been nothing but positive, with the majority of comments highlighting how energised they feel after these sessions and how their physical as well as mental wellbeing is impacted in a positive way!



Vic facilitated live and prerecorded wellness sessions for my client's virtual conference. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in yoga and meditation practice and created bespoke sessions to meet the requirements of the brief.

We received great feedback from the client. The sessions were really engaging and accommodating to the ability levels of the audience.


Live Events and Conferences

Organising a live virtual or in person event or conference? Yoga can really add value to your event by helping boost engagement and enjoyment on the day, attract attendees and create a positive takeaway. It also shows as a brand you care about your guests!

There are different ways I can facilitate a yoga session:

  • live desk yoga

  • live mat yoga

  • pre-recorded yoga videos

  • live workshop


Each of these sessions can be tailored to a theme of your event or focus on areas specific to your working audience : 


Yoga for stress, yoga for sleep, immune system balance, energiser, meditation toolkit, posture, wfh toolkit.


Get in touch to discuss your event requirements and for pricing.



Looking for something extra special to gift your employees?

I offer virtual and in person yoga retreat days allowing your team to fully relax, connect and work on their self development. Retreats work great for building morale, as an incentive or 

A retreat day could look like....

Morning meditation

An energising yoga class

Mindful activity/workshop

Nutritious healthy lunch

Mindful activity/workshop

Calming Yin and Yoga Nidra class (yogic sleep)

I can take it out of your hands and organise the full day or slot in as part of your existing retreat schedule, it's up to you!

Get in touch to discuss ideas and for a bespoke quote.


Types of class

Online and On-site

Desk yoga

My desk yoga sessions are designed to counteract the effects of sitting - resetting posture and relieving tension in the shoulders, neck, back and hips. The class will also include some mindful focussed breathing and meditation to calm, refocus and recharge your team for the day or week ahead.


Props required

Your office/home office chair, no other equipment necessary!


Mat yoga

Sometimes the best thing if you can allocate the time is to down tools and step away from the desk. Within a mat based class we work the full body head to toe in a more dynamic way building strength and mobility. We focus here on the muscles that support the spine and head, areas that hold tension such as the wrists and wake up the areas that get sleepy from sitting!


Props required

A yoga mat (or sports mat, carpet or non slippy surface will do!)

A block or hardback book 

Pre-recorded yoga videos

It's sometimes hard to find a time in everyone's diary or your virtual event schedule for a live class. I provide pre-recorded videos anything from a 5 minute meditation to a full 60 minute class. These work great as add ons to a wellness area on an event hosting platform.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.



A workshop can be a great way to engage your team or guests and delve deeper into a specific area of yoga. Examples of sessions are: yoga for stress, posture, for confidence, for sleep, breathwork, self care practices or meditation. If there's something you think your team would enjoy and find interesting I can work together with you on building ideas.

A workshop can be provided as a virtual session or in-person session. Ideally the duration for a workshop should be from 1 - 2 hours. Props are dependent on the session content.

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