Yoga for your Workspace

Tight shoulders, stiff neck, feeling frazzled and realising you’ve not moved from your desk for hours? We’ve all been there!

​After a decade working in the corporate world as an event producer in London, pulling long shifts in various hot desks I really do understand first hand the importance of staying healthy, keeping connected to the body and a taking a mental break. I’m here to share what I know.

Lunchtime Reset

20 minute weekly yoga session for your employees

at their desk - wherever that may be


Only €50 - Max 20 Participants

My short express yoga session will counteract the effects of sitting - resetting posture and relieving tension in the shoulders, neck, back and hips. The class will also include some mindful focussed breathing and meditation to relieve any anxiety, refocus and recharge your employees for the day or week ahead.


Times are tough and we need to prioritise our mental and physical health more than ever, which is why I am offering this convenient and affordable quick solution for your office or remote office team.  For just €50 per session, up to 20 staff members can log in via zoom or your platform of choice from the office or anywhere in the world to pause and reset through Yoga.

  • Simple stretches and relaxation techniques based around your desk and office chair. We will focus on posture, tension, RSI and stress relief.

  • No extra space or equipment necessary.

  • Each session is guided by myself, absolutely anyone can join. No experience needed.

  • Works brilliant as a lunchtime break but also works great in the morning or end of the day.

  • Contact me to discuss your needs and a time that suits your company. I will tailor the session to your business.

  • Available through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype or your prefered platform.

Teaching Yoga Via Zoom
Home office setup
Chair Yoga practice
Stretching at your desk

Bring Yoga to your workforce!

During these uncertain times stress and anxiety is on the rise. With the work environment being the place we spend most of our time making sure we are looked after in this space is key to a healthy and happy workforce. Creating a regular wellness routine will help your employees feel valued and help maintain their energy, motivation and focus. Yoga is the perfect tool to help with this!

Yoga in the workplace can really help your team to


  • Relieve stress and burn out

  • Refocus and recharge

  • Feel supported and connected 


With alot of teams working remotely a simple solution is to bring this virtually straight to their home.  You really can do it from anywhere and with minimal equipment. 


Here’s how yoga can be brought to your team:


Regular weekly live classes 

  • Live classes via Zoom or another content platform your business uses

  • Wake up morning yoga, lunch time break or an after work wind down options based on your teams schedule

Yoga for conferences and events

  • Live group classes as part of a virtual or in person event

  • Recorded classes based around a theme or particular content from your event 

  • As part of a wellness workshop

Custom package

  • A bespoke offering based on your businesses needs.


Please get in touch to talk through your brief and for a quote.

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